Monday, December 20, 2010


A thought of mine is that we are all rooted the same. We are only thought of by our actions, which are caused by influences in our lives. Not one of us has shared or ever will share the exact same life as anyone else on this earth, so how can we be angered by someones actions when we have no idea or ever will where it came from. I'm not saying I'm never angered by anothers actions, of course I am, I am a human being, but when it comes down to petty things I just think people are better of smiling, accepting, and walking away. No good comes from hatred, more importantly to the person who creates the feeling within themselves. They are the ones who will feel the negativity more than anyone else, when they could accept and be happy. Maybe instead of seeing the 'bad' within someone, use them to see the 'good' within yourself.

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