Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Life

New home, new adventure!!
Well, living in cork now, i have my own little working space so i've been able to work on my sketch book without distractions. I really love this house just wish everyone could see what we see.
Still have loads of putting away to do :P, will get there eventually, also have a bit of things to sort out like doctors which is depressing, i hate changing doctors.
Did some gardening yesterday, it looks beter already...............
Hopefully get to see me brother tomorrow as i wont get to see for at least month or so and he's 1 1/2 which means he's in that quick development stage and i dont want him to forget me :(. Anyway the reason i wont see him for ages is that i am going into hospital (if there is a bed) for a few weeks for surgeory, i hope my medical card is valid :(. shit now im worrying, humph.

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